Phonares® II

Our Premium Denture is top-of-the-line. In addition to the base plate/bite rim, wax set-up and process to finish, a spare denture is included in this package. It is fabricated with Ivobase denture base processing and Ivoclar denture teeth which have an extended manufacturer’s warranty.

The Ultimate in Life-Like, Lasting Smiles

Phonares II denture teeth are made from a highly durable nano-hybrid composite material which offers wear resistance far superior to standard acrylic denture teeth. They are extremely natural looking, due to ceramic fillers in the teeth that refract light like natural tooth enamel and the tooth shapes that are modeled on the shapes of natural teeth. These are the highest quality denture teeth available from Ivoclar Vivadent.

  • Wide range of color options available, including extra white bleach shades
  • Precision crafted using optimized nano-hybrid composite material
  • Ultimate wear resistance and durability
  • For complete, partial, and implant-supported dentures

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