History of partial frame breakage

Alternative to implants or fixed products

Acrylic allergies


Need for more rigid appliance due to poor soft tissue support or few remaining teeth

Health of teeth is too poor to support clasp

Minimal vertical clearance, less than 5mm

Flat ridge

Immediate applications

Benefits of DuraFlex™

Simple to adjust and polish

Lifelike pink shades with veined acrylic details

Thin, lightweight, and flexible for easy insertion

More durable than acrylic

Won’t absorb stains and odors

What to Send

Upper and lower models or impressions

Bite registration

Tooth shade



Most traditional partial application

Metal sensitivity or acrylic allergy


Need for more rigid appliance due to poor soft tissue support

Not recommended for immediates

Minimal vertical clearance, less than 5mm

Benefits of Valplast

Comfort: Thin, lightweight, and flexible

Aesthetic and biocompatible

Tissue or tooth prep not required

More durable than acrylic

Valplast® Hot Tip

Just before delivery, immerse the partial in hot tap water for final patient customization. This hot water bath increases flexibility and adaption of the flexible partial, improving patient comfort and ease of insertion.

Tips for a Successful Valplast® Case

Use alginate impression material

Send poured model showing vestibular extension

Send bite registration and tooth shade

Try-in recommended for bilateral free end partials

Cast Partials

Vital Dental high-strength cast metal partials are made with cobalt-chrome alloy. Our alloy features a refined surface that polishes to a high-mirrored shine and is resistant to plaque buildup and are nickel-free, beryllium-free and iron-free. When a patient requires the strength of a cast partial, but with the aesthetics of a flexible partial, Vital Dental hybrid partial is an excellent choice. Our hybrid partial consists of a cobalt-chrome cast metal subframe with flexible clasps or saddles. Clasps can be effectively hidden by crafting them from our clear or tissue-shaded Valplast or Duraflex thermoplastic materials.


Less invasive and less expensive than bridges or implants.

Cobalt-chrome alloy increases adjustability while still limiting breakability.

High strength alloy also makes for thinner frameworks and stronger clasps.

Perfect for patients with certain metal allergies.


To replace several teeth in the same quadrant or both quadrants of the same arch.

As a temporary replacement for missing teeth in a child.

To replace missing teeth for patients who do not want a fixed bridge or implants.

To serve as a splint to support periodontally involved teeth.

For patients who maintain good oral hygiene.


Lack of suitable teeth in the arch to support, stabilize, and retain the removable prosthesis.

Rampant caries or severe periodontal conditions that threaten the remaining teeth in the arch.

A lack of patient acceptance for esthetic reasons.

Chronic poor oral hygiene.

What to Send

Upper and lower models or impressions with tooth preparations

Tooth shade

Bite registration



Metal-free or aesthetic RPD required

When a flexible partial is contraindicated by a flat ridge, a long free end saddle, or few remaining teeth


Class II or Class III mobile teeth

Short clinical crown length or lack of adequate undercut on abutment teeth

Acrylic allergies

Limited inter-occlusal space, less than 5mm

Benefits of ClearFrame™

Metal free aesthetics and increased patient comfort

Vertical stability with occlusal rests

Can reline, repair, and polish acrylic saddles chairside

Less expensive than traditional metal partials

Hygienic, will not absorb stains and odors

No metal taste

Material Properties

ClearFrame™ is made from state-of-the-art injection-molded nylon material that is strong and non-porous yet easy to adjust and re-polish. The clasps work in the same manner as on a metal framework, engaging undercut on the buccal or labial of the patient’s teeth. The partial does not contain Bisphenol A.

What to Send

Upper and lower models or impressions with tooth preparations

Bite registration

Tooth shade

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