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Ivobase Processing

Feel Strong & Confident
The high impact strength and accurate fit of IvoBase processed dentures mean you won’t have to worry about damage and breakage, letting you do whatever comes naturally, like smiling, speaking, laughing, and eating foods you love.

Be Healthier
IvoBase processed dentures fit better and resist plaque and bacteria preventing unwanted irritations, leaving your mouth healthy and free of tissue inflammation.

Eliminate Denture Odor
IvoBase processed dentures have a non-porous surface, which helps to reduce odor-causing bacteria and plaque, leaving your mouth cleaner and your breath fresher.

Use Less Denture Adhesives
IvoBase processed dentures fit naturally, securely, and comfortably, so you rely less on denture adhesives to keep them secure in your mouth.

Patented Technology
Dentists who choose Ivoclar Vivadent Removable Dentures work with laboratories that use patented technology available only from Ivoclar Vivadent to ensure a denture base with:

  • A precise fit
  • More comfort and better stability
  • Resistance to staining, plaque, odor absorption, and bacterial growth


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