IPS E-Max®

IPS e.max® is an advanced pressed ceramic with even greater strength than the original Empress product. This next generation ceramic is formulated from lithium disilicate crystals, and can be used to create limited bridgework with moderate to heavy connectors. It is monolithic lithium disilicate porcelain that can be pressed or milled as full contour restoration, or cut back and layered with porcelain.

Extremely esthetic with beautiful translucence
3 times stronger than Empress
400 MPa flexural strength
Lithium Disilicate glass crystals
Can build on enamel porcelains
Metal free

Natural variations of color and translucency
Superb esthetics
Can be used anywhere in the mouth for single unit crown

Ideal for veneers, thin (no prep) veneers, anterior and posterior crowns, inlays/on lays, 3-unit anterior bridges, and 3-unit posterior bridges up to the second premolar as an abutment tooth

Bridge spans exceeding 3 units
Bridges beyond the second premolar as an abutment tooth
Not suitable for bruxers or patients with other occlusal dysfunction

For anterior crown: Reduction of 1.5-2.0mm at the incisal, 1.5mm lingual, 1.5-1.0mm facial, and 1mm-1.5mm at the cervical of the prep with a deep chamfer or shoulder finish
For veneers: 1.0-1.5mm facial reduction; thin veneers may require some reduction depending on the bulkiness or orientation of the tooth
For inlays and onlays: A shoulder margin with 1.5-2.0mm isthmus width is required, 1.5mm isthmus depth, and a 1.0-1.5mm isthmus floor

Cementation using standard cementation materials and technique or chemically bonded
For veneers and inlays, bonding is required and is also recommended for crowns and bridges to achieve maximum strength


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