Navigate the Digital Evolution with Vital Dental

We at Vital Dental can help guide you through the Digital evolution with dental programs, data plans and equipment for your practice. Here at Vital Dental Laboratory, we don’t leave things up to chance. Our culture of innovation drives us to adopt only the best in dental technology.

Vital Dental Laboratory embraces intraoral scanning technology in all its forms.

Why Choose a Digital Scanner?

Remake Reduction

Digital impressions provide increased accuracy and the ability to identify issues ahead of time which reduces potential fit and margin discrepancies.

Faster Turnaround Time

Digital dentistry delivers your case to the lab faster than traditional methods which reduces the turnaround time necessary for each case.


Save money on materials typically used during the traditional impression taking process. Most model-less cases allow for reduced lab fees.

Increased Patient Comfort

Patients are more comfortable taking digital impressions because the process is much quicker than the traditional impression taking process and there is no need for excess impression material that may cause discomfort.


Choose the digital impression system that works best for your office. Vital Dental Laboratory accepts scans from all major brands including 3M True Definition, iTero, 3Shape TRIOS, PlanMeca/E4D Technologies and Carestream CS3500.

Send a Digital Impression

  1. Create or Login to your CEREC Connect account
  2. Select "MY CEREC CONNECT"
  3. Type "Vital Tech Dental Labortory" in the box for Company Name
  4. Click FIND
  5. Check the box to the bottom left for "Vital Tech Dental Labortory"
  6. Click ADD to complete the registration

Option 1

  1. Select “Find a Laboratory” on your iTero Scanner
  2. Connect with Vital Tech Dental Labortory using our email:
  3. After connecting to us as a Lab, select Vital Tech Dental Laboratory on your scanner when sending files

Option 2

  1. Call 800-577-8767. Select Option 1.
  2. Request that Vital Tech Dental Labortory is added to your scanner, and identify our lab using our phone number: 716.874.0252
  3. After Vital Tech Dental Laboratory has been added, restart your scanner.
  4. After connecting to us as a lab, select Vital Tech Dental Laboratory on your scanner when sending files.
3Shape TRIOS®
  1. Go to in a web browser
  2. Connect with Vital Tech Dental Laboratory by searching ""
  3. After connecting to us as a lab, select Vital Tech Dental Labortatory when sending files
3M™ True Definition
  1. Call 3M™ support at 800-634-2249 select Option 3
  2. Select Option 1 and request Vital Tech Dental Laboratory be added to your scanner
  3. 3M™ will then confirm with Vital Tech Dental Labortory and add your connection remotely
Planmeca® Emerald™
  1. Select the "find a lab" option on your scanner
  2. Search for "Vital Tech Dental Laboratory"
  3. Add Vital Tech Dental Labratory
  4. Select Vital Tech Dental Labratory when submitting scans

Option 1

Email Vital Tech Dental Laboratory at

Option 2

  1. Visit Carestream Connect on your scanner
  2. Search for "Vital Tech Dental Laboratory "
  3. Add Vital Tech Dental Laboratory
  4. Select Vital Tech Dental Laboratory when submitting scans - use raw .STL files
  5. Email us at
Medit i500

Option 1

  1. Sign up for your Medit Link Account by visiting MeditLink's registration page.
  2. Select the “Administrator” option under the category that best fits your business.
  3. Provide your information and check your email for a verification link. This email will also contain instruction to download the software.
  4. Select “Add New Partner” and search for Vital Tech Dental Laboratory to start sending cases to our lab.

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